Dutch Water Authorities

Dutch Water Authorities want to share its expertise on regional water management with the world. By joining forces the Dutch regional water authorities strive to be of better service to the people and organisations that need it the most, bolster international business, and create mutual benefit from international cooperation.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently qualified Dutch water management as a ‘global reference’ and praised the effectiveness of Dutch water management.

Dutch Water Authorities is the international umbrella organisation of 23 regional water authorities in the Netherlands and their Association (Dutch: 'Unie van Waterschappen'). For the policy areas see the menu on the right.

How can we help you?

- Information on regional water management
- Specific requests for international cooperation in one of our 9 focal countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Romania, Vietnam, South Africa
- Requests from Dutch firms for international cooperation
- Requests after a recent calamity or to prevent water-related disasters

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